Gear Talk: Drums – Luke’s Kit

It’s been a while since we wrote a gear blog (see the other entries in the series so far here), so in the run up to the release of our debut album Ellipsism, we thought it was about time we shone a light on the beast of a kit that Luke sat behind for the writing, recording and performing of it. Luke’s been in the band since the very tail end of 2019, and his incredibly accomplished style is all over the album. Get to know his tools of the trade below.

This is the drum setup used for the recording of Ba’al’s Ellipsism with Joe Clayton, our lovely mixing engineer, for scale. Unfortunately I do not have access to the drum kit while writing this as it’s in storage through lockdown, so I will provide as much information as I can be confident about!

The drum kit is a 6-piece Mapex M-birch Kit which I’ve had for at least 10 years. The sizes are:
● 22″ Bass Drum
● 10″ Rack Tom
● 12″ Rack Tom
● 13″ Rack Tom
● 16″ Floor Tom
● 14″ x 5.5″ Snare

The toms use 2Ply clear heads, the snare has 2Ply coated head and the bass drum uses some sort of heavy duty clear head with a kick port on the resonant head.

Photo by Marek Payne

For tuning, I generally have the batter heads quite tight (especially on the snare), with the resonant heads tuned lower. This achieves a fast attack with a nice beefy tone from the reso’s. Also I generally have my snare wires super tight.

I use Pearl Demon Drive (direct drive) pedals in the long board configuration for my feet, and Vic Firth extreme 5B drum sticks for my hands.

Cymbal-wise, my setup has evolved a lot as I’ve broken them and have had to find replacements from whatever the local shops have in stock. Going left to right:

● Zildjian Avedis Hi-Hats (13″?) with a drop clutch (not enough people know about drop clutches!)
● Dream Energy Crash (17″?)
● Istanbul Xist Crash (16″?)
● Dream Bliss 10″ China
● Sabian AAX 10″ Splash
● Sabian AAX Crash (19″?)
● Sabian AA Metal Ride (20″?)
● Istanbul Mehmet Session China (20″?)

My cymbal setup started out with a Zildjian ZXT starter pack. I then got obsessed with Mike Portnoy which led to me replacing the crash cymbals with Sabian AAX’s as the ZXT’s broke. Also thanks to Portnoy, I started getting a silly amount of Splash and FX cymbals. Now most of my AAX cymbals have been broken and replaced with other brands found in local shops. The Istanbul China cymbal was a particularly nice find as I have never found a China cymbal that better suits my sound. I also love the Dream 10″ china FX even though it’s got a large crack in it.

You’ll also see I have a Pearl drum rack which I managed to pick up Second hand at a very affordable rate. This has made mounting silly amounts of cymbals substantially easier. Besides that my hardware is all sorts of brands. But generally for gigging I have a set of lightweight Tama stands and quick release cymbal toppers.

Photo by Wemmy Ogunyankin

Back at the practice space I do have a lot more toys that I have purchased through the years. My YouTube channel has old drum videos where you can see how much of a drum hoarder I am (bless my parents for putting up with all this!). But some of my early drummer influences were Jimmy (the Rev) Sullivan, Mike Portnoy, & Joey Jordison who led me down a path of huge drum kits and small bank balances. You can probably still hear their influences in my playing today.

To finish, I have a Yamaha E-kit for practice at home. I acquired an electric kit when I started uni so I could practice in student accommodation – although the poor girl who lived below me still wasn’t best pleased. The E-kit is great for practice, and enabled us to get demos done for the Ellipsism album at a rapid rate, which made the entire demoing and recording process a lot smoother. But as great as E-kits are, they just are not as fun as sitting behind a big acoustic kit which I can barely see out of. I just fucking love it.


Monthly Playlist: September 2020

We’ve finally got some very exciting things to reveal very soon, so this might be the last of these for a little while – enjoy whilst you can…


Joe – Vocals

Sojourner – The Apocalyptic Theater

The Premonitions album is a slow burner of subtle anthems of with this may be the most anthemy. The harsh and clean vocals combining at the end is mesmerising.

Clouds – Nothing But A Name

One of the most morose and atmospheric doom tracks I’ve ever heard. It is so utterly drenched in sadness it’s almost unbearable. I love it.

Rolo Tomassi – Ex Luna Scientia

I’ve recently taken a lot more time and patience with RT’s earlier material and this is likely my second favourite song of theirs after ‘A Flood Of Light’. Eva’s harsh vocals have grown on me a lot too.

Skating Polly – Cosmetic Skull

This band just make me smile. Abrasive pop and super impressive considering the girl who sings this was only 15 when it was written and recorded. Delightfully odd.

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Quite honestly one of the best pop songs I’ve ever heard. It’s stuck in my head and I’m singing it to myself all the time.


Nick – Guitar

Power Trip – Soul Sacrifice

A sad week for metal. This band have almost single-handedly kept Thrash relevant for the last decade and Riley was a significant factor in that.

Dead Can Dance – The Writing On My Father’s Hand

A stunning example of Lisa Gerrard’s delicate vocal layering. The simple harpsichord backing does enough to create an enchanting platform for the vocals to take centre stage. It’s quite a restrained track, especially compared to the grandeur of ‘The Host Of Seraphim’ (the one from The Mist that film composers have been unabashedly mimicking for the past few decades) but there is a wonderful elegance in it’s simplicity.


Her operatic vocals give a sense of grandeur you don’t often find, even in the exalted halls of art pop. Great production that tastefully mixes orchestral instrumentation with industrial drums and noise. All in all a massive track.

Supruga – Царствие

Vicious hardcore flavoured black metal from Russia. Makes me want to throw milkshakes at tories, which is always a good thing.

Susumu Yokota – SAKU

This album in particular sits close to the apex of ambient music for me. Sad that he died long before his time.


Richard – Bass

Mireplaner – Parched Throats

I wish I’d discovered this band last year, as this album would almost certainly have challenged by top 5 albums of the year. Chaotic, nasty post metal at it’s finest, with a hardcore edge and some truly worrying riffs.

Stars of the Lid – A Lovesong (For Cubs)+, Part 1

Stars of the Lid have entered my world in a big way recently and made me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life up to this point without them. I’m going to go ahead and challenge Nick’s assertion about the apex of ambient music right here.

Little Simz – Wounds

Another new discovery for me is Little Simz, a Mercury-nominated and incredibly talented female rapper who has flow for days. She’s also two years younger than me, so this is me wondering what I’ve been doing with my life in an entirely different sense.

Death – Sacred Serenity

My relationship with death metal has always been sporadic, but this year I’ve found myself indulging a bit more often, and in particular I’ve been enjoying revisiting the landmark Symbolic album. Aggressive, progressive and surprisingly melodic(essive), it’s that good shit.

Casualties of Cool – Flight

As Devin Townsend continues down his never ending singular rabbit hole of unparalleled and extravagant prog metal weirdness, it seems a good time to remember this moment of chill on his self-titled collaborative album with Ché Aimee Dorval. Soft, ambient blues rock to help you forget the apocalypse.


Luke – Drums

Trepalium – Damballa’s Voodoo Doll

Groovy swing metal! I do like me some jazz/swing and this is a lovely infusion of swing and metal.

David Maxim Micic – Satellite

This track makes me think of woodland creatures making djent -and that is a good thing!

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)

What a fantastic song name. Another great infusion of hard rock and jazz/swing.

Sleep Token – Sugar

Beautiful song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Sugar

Got me a sweet tooth! Another lovely orchestral metal offering. I just cannot get enough of this.

Monthly Playlist: August 2020

You know the deal. Five tracks each and some words about why we like them, every month forever and ever. Enjoy. Or don’t.


Joe – Vocals

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – A New Order

Most recent album is an absolute monster from start to finish. Riffs galore.

Argesk – Lord of the Boundless Void

Manchester black metal with a terrific symphonic vibe. There is a melancholic feel to this track that resonates with me.

The Angels of Light – The Man We Left Behind

The lyrics to this song click with me a lot personally. Laid back, beautiful and heartfelt.

Janet Devlin – Away With The Fairies

I discovered this Northern Irish pop singer through her YouTube video about her alcoholism. Checked out her stuff and find this to be a charmingly pleasant pop song.

Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother

Probably one of the saddest but most uplifting songs I’ve heard about a friends suicide.


Nick – Guitar

Cabal – Tongues

This is what the unending hordes of hellspawn play when they are doing the laundry after their daily pillage of earth. Probably.

Fawn Limbs – Ore Lung

A feral coming together of disgusting riffs and long division. All aboard the bendy-bus of rage, this service terminates suddenly and violently.

Textures – Shaping a Single Grain of Sand


Glass Ocean – Light of the Moon

A glass ocean is actually what they sound like, but his voice is a massive ship made of treacle and there are no fish, only sex toys, made of crystals or something.

Jimothy Lacoste – Future Bae

Life is, indeed, getting quite exciting.


Richard – Bass

Wren – Murmur

I’ve been long overdue diving into the Wren catalogue, and the new record from our pals at Gizeh Records is suitably crushing. This track has a real Cult of Luna vibe. Hopefully one day we can play with these guys again as we did at our last gig before the world ended.

Hum – Step Into You

These guys are totally new to me with their 2020 album Inlet, but apparently they’re actually a band from the 90s making a comeback. Ever wondered what it would sound like if Sheffield’s Awooga starting playing mid-career Devin Townsend riffs with a 90s alt-rock singer? Now you don’t need to.

Kelly Lee Owens – On

Completing an uncharacteristic trio of songs that actually came out this year, here’s one of several artists I was planning to see recently before doing things became illegal. Not many artists mix dreamy pop with fully pumping techno, and although this track leans more towards the former territory, you get a real sense of Kelly‘s immense talent.

Alice in Chains – Rooster

Every so often I feel it’s necessary to dive back into the AIC classics and remind myself what a powerful force they were – impressive that they’re still so good now, too. Riffs galore, certainly, but those Staley/Cantrell vocal harmonies are what make this band.

Twilight – Red Fields

Massive black metal featuring Aaron Turner plus members of Leviathan, Nachmystium and Xasthur (a later album also included Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth???). Blistering yet atmospheric, and chock full of post metal textures and some electronic overtones. Hench.


Luke – Drums

Benny Grebb – Tricky

Wanna make djent? Only got drums and a mouth? Well this guy can do it!

Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation

This beautiful band took the virtual stage last weekend with a wonderful performance. The energy was as “live” as I could’ve hoped and hence their opening song is on the list!

Gojira – Another World

They made a new track and video and it is, well, Gojira! Their distinct groovy metal sound persistently pleases my ears

Work – The Endless Sounds of the Abyss

Not a band or a track… Just the endless sounds of work which this week has a guest vocalist of some guy giving online training. I do need more music.

Benny Grebb – Mixed Greens

…yeah I acquired this album this month so it gets 2 tracks! Again just drums and acapella but boy oh boy it grooves!

Monthly Playlist: July 2020

You guessed it – it’s a new playlist, with us waffling on about the five songs we’ve each picked this month. One of the few excitements we have in this strange new world. All the extra time to listen to things makes it even harder than ever to narrow it down to just 5 tracks, so we hope you appreciate the effort we go to for this hugely important art…


Joe – Vocals

Anathema – Everything

One of the most gorgeous songs ever written, pure positivity with a touch of melancholy.

Altar of Plagues – As A Womb

There are few things more invigorating than listening to this track while walking through the countryside in the rain.

Foetal Juice – Take Your Face For A Shit

The new album from the Foetal boys is a stomper. Like getting punched in the dick by a toilet goblin.

Mushroomhead – The Heresy

I can’t get this track out of my head. They’ll never be as good as they were on XX, but this is fun pop metal guff.

Wilson Phillips – Hold On

I was trying to remember the name of this group for ages. Cringe from 1990, I’m on a childhood pop bringe 😂



Nick – Guitar

Decapitated – The Knife

Uncompromising stuff. I wish my whole body was as ripped as their forearms must be.

Loathe – Aggressive Evolution

Aggressive indeed. A haemorrhage of gnarly bottom end alongside sultry Deftones-esque atmosphere. Still my pick for album of the year so far, though there is some stiff competition in the form of…

Run The Jewels – Walking in the Snow

Sobering commentary on the current political climate. Without doubt one of the most relevant albums of our time.

The Chameleons – Don’t Fall

Found this band through an interview with Neige of Alcest in which he waxed lyrical about this Manchester band I’d never heard of. One of the lesser known post-punk bands of the 80s and it’s fair to say they deserved a great deal more success than they actually achieved.

Bad Lip Reading – Bushes of Love

A quality pop song. Was overjoyed to discover this was available on Spotify. ‘Seagulls! (Stop It Now)’ is another classic. Watch the videos on YouTube to understand why the lyrics are absolute nonsense.



Richard – Bass

Asva – A Bomb in That Suitcase

I’ve had a pretty ambient and drone-focused month, particularly whilst enjoying working from my attic during rainstorms. One highlight was rediscovering Asva, one of many Toby Driver-associated projects. This track is a journey from pure ambience into a majestic, mid-paced droney bassline.

Shining (NOR) – Blackjazz Deathtrance

As if to completely counteract what I just said, I also saw the best of many livestreamed gigs I’ve seen during lockdown recently, namely from these Norwegian industrial/jazz/prog/metal mentalists. This track tipifies their ludicrous chops in their Blackjazz period, and is just a mindfuck of epic proportions. Shame they went shit, really.

Björk – Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)

Björk had a little lockdown vinyl sale a few weeks ago and I picked up a few of my favourite records of hers, including the bizarre and almost entirely vocal album Medúlla. This track marries her unique melodies with some throat singing and amazing beatboxing from Rahzel, and it rules.

Entheos – White Noise (II)

Stumbled across these guys during another lockdown livestream – this time the ‘Slay at Home’ metal festival. Polished and manic technical/progressive death metal with members and ex-members of The Faceless and Animals as Leaders. A punch straight to the brain.

Sunn O))) – My Wall

Play your gloom axe Stephen O’Malley
Sub bass clinging to the sides of the valley
Sub bass ringing in each last ditch and combe
Greg Anderson purvey a sonic doom



Tom – Guitar

Mogwai – Auto Rock

It’s mogwai, and another album opener built around a light piano melody. This one, like ‘I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead’ off the follow-up The Hawk is Howling, is a perfect building swirl to drift away to.

The Atlas Moth – Coffin Varnish

This is one of those re-discovered gems I forgot was in my record collection. The squall of the guitars and overall sound have a cold feel that draws you in.

A.A. Williams – Be Quiet and Drive

Beautifully arranged and stripped down cover of the Deftones classic and a beautiful voice to boot.

Converge – Thousands of Miles Between Us

A more sedate but haunting cut from a band famed for being way more frantic, that slithers and winds its way through rises and falls to it’s conclusion.

Thou – Dive

An album made of Nirvana covers that is just utter filth, but works amazingly.



Luke – Drums

Nick Johnston – Impossible Things

A nice bit of calm, instrumental groove. Lovely.

Dream Theater – Untethered Angel

A nice bit of heavy metal prog.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Day We’ll be Gone

Considering the way things are at the moment, the day could be soon! But this is a beautiful smphonic, orchestral metal song. Noice.

Deep Purple – Black Night

It always annoyed me how people know Smoke on the bloody Water, but I have no idea about their other, better tracks! A nice bit of bluesy rock though.

Scar Symmetry – Artificial Sun Projection

Fucking bang your head and whip the air guitar out. Grand!

Monthly Playlist: June 2020

The world continues to spiral out of control, but we continue to pummel our ears with many and varied tuneage. See below for this month’s picks from the five of us.



Joe – Vocals

Pig Destroyer – Mapplethorpe Grey

J.R Hayes is without a doubt one of the best lyricists in metal with his abstract poetry. Huge influence.

A Forest Of Stars – Decomposing Deity Dance Hall

Some of the best of UKBM, very unique and some of the nicest people you could hope to meet too.

Mgla – Exercises in Futility V

Without a doubt one of the most subtly brilliant black metal tracks of all time.

The Vision Bleak – The Outsider

Dramatic horror metal with tongue firmly in cheek. Grandiose and extremely good fun.

Annie Lennox – Love Song For A Vampire

One of the darkest sounding pop songs ever, a classic from my childhood.


Nick – Guitar

Vildhjarta – All These Feelings

Is there anything better in life than the sound of an extended range guitar and a finely tuned kick drum slapping together in perfect unison like 20 bungee cords panging on the side of an Eddie Stobart? Personally I don’t think anything else comes close.

Mora Prokaza – Blacker Than Black

Truly erratic vocal performance with a wonderfully abrasive production style. Won’t help with insomnia.

Hail Spirit Noir – The First Ape On New Earth

Eclectic mix of metal styles that leans on the proggy side, all filtered through a synthetic cosmos. If Carl Sagan was in Opeth via Kraftwerk maybe?

Kampfar – Skamløs!

Perfect accompaniment for throwing spanners at pesky draugr. Back in your tomb silly man.

Krallice – IIIIIIIIII (Track 4 from Years Past Matter)

I frown in the direction of the logistically problematic song titles on this album but they’re forgiven for having them sound as horribly foreboding as they do.


Luke – Drums

Sleep Token – Offering 

Only just got this album after being blown away by their TechFest headline show a few years ago. Lovely combination of groove, heavy, and loveliness.

Trivium – Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

I swear shuffle has been repeating this song a lot recently. But the original track is forever tainted by the hilarious misheard lyrics, which just makes it quite amusing!

Periphery – Reptile

I feel like I may have put this exact song before, but it just keeps coming up as an epic 15-minute djent track with very proggy and symphonic aspects. I love it.

Tesseract – Smile

After Tesseract’s ‘live in lockdown’ show earlier this month, it’d really just be rude not put this here! And I feel we could all use some more reasons to smile at the moment.

Meshuggah – Futile Bread Machine

A lovely summery campfire take on their ‘Future Breed Machine’ track. Personally I really prefer the ‘Futile Bread Machine’ version – it’s just delightfully silly 😃


Richard – Bass

Ocean Wisdom – Revvin’ (ft Dizzee Rascal)

I had something of a resurgence in hip-hop listening at the start of this month, including annoying the hell out of my partner by playing this track incessantly. I’ve picked a track of this album for a previous month, but honestly I can’t get enough of Wisdom’s flows, and Dizzee is on fire here too.

Car Bomb – Secrets Within

Nick finally ground me down and got me to like Car Bomb after months of banging on about them… Fair play, they are pretty great. It’s like Meshuggah playing on the back of a van going over speedbumps, and this track has some truly bizarre guitar sounds that I love.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Tyhjyyden Sakramentti

Try pronouncing that one. Bless you. The masters of psychedelic, Lovecraftian, swirly black metal have returned to school us all. No one else sounds close to this.

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

Eurovision was one of the absolute saddest things to delete from my calendar during Covid, and whilst the replacement TV broadcast was kind of fun, it was also very dystopian and depressing. Therefore, we should all listen to this absolute babe who won in 2015. Flawless pop.

Octo Octa – Until the Moon Sets

Some wonderful house/IDM from an exceptionally talented trans producer/DJ my partner introduced me to a few years ago, and who we caught live as part of a Tramlines fringe event. Joyous, polished, marvellous.


Tom – Guitar

Neurosis – The Last You’ll Know

That riff hits like a freight train every time and never gets old.

Wren – Seek the Unkindred

Sounds massive, really looking forward to hearing what’s next.

Giles Corey – No One is Ever Going to Want Me

I stumbled across Giles Corey recently whilst listening to a lot of more ambient stuff and this really stuck out. I could have easily put the entire album this is taken from on this list.

Hundred Year Old Man – Ascension

Absolute monolithic wall of sound taken from the Breaching album.

Boris – Farewell

Slow building wall of fuzz and noise that nobody but Boris could pull off.


Monthly Playlist: May 2020

As lockdown continues, music also (thankfully) continues to exist. Cutting down to five tracks each was a struggle this month, given the excess time available to blast out tunes… Anyway, here they are:


Nick – Guitar

Dawn Ray’d – The Ceaseless Arbitrary Choice

Among my favourite UKBM bands and a standout album of the late 2010s. Folk and black metal (indeed any metal sub-genre) can be a precarious pairing but on this album in particular, I think they get the ratio bang on. Simon’s somber violin work compliments the savage impact of their vehement lyrical themes and explosive riffs.

Recondite – Mirror Games

Foreboding track from an album that is sinister and serene in equal measure. A fitting sonic accompaniment for these despondent times.

Karnivool – Life Like

Potentially the starkest evidence of their early nu-metal influence. Karnivool have since distanced themselves from this style whilst retaining the progressive groove and psychedelia that make them so interesting. Certainly an under-appreciated band.

Christian Löffler – Haul (Max Cooper Mix)

A stirring, resonant track, beautifully reimagined by Max Cooper, of whom I owe my discovery to Richard. A slow-burning, ambient euphoria and champion of harmony.

Låpsley – Operator (Koze Disco Edit)

A chart topper that never was. This track has all the hallmarks of a hit but sadly never quite reached the heights it deserved. Koze’s work on the track is fairly subtle, embellishing the already present disco elements, but it’s Låpsley’s vocals that are the true focal point.


Richard – Bass

Grouper – She Loves Me That Way

If the idea of sad indie folk songs drenched in reverb within an inch of their life appeals to you, then look no further than Grouper. Liz Harris’ atmospheres are so deep and unique, and I’ve been getting totally lost in them this past few months.

Diablo – The Preacher

Following a Ba’al group chat a few weeks back about our many and varied opinions about melodic death metal, I revisited this unsung band who are one of only a very small handful of melodeath bands I still listen to. This is the first song I heard of theirs and it is a great intro to their Meshuggah-infused take on the genre.

Craven Faults – Slack Sley & Temple

BandCamp keep proving themselves to be one of the best music-related companies going at the moment, but one thing they’ve always been great at is recommendations based on your taste. Thanks to one of their electronic/ambient roundups, I picked up one of my early 2020 album highlights here, and this track is like wandering through a deserted factory made entirely of lovely sci-fi synth sounds.

Bismuth – Weltschmertz

The ‘B-side’ (if you can really call it that) to 2018’s drone masterclass ‘The Slow Dying of the Great Barrier Reef’ sees Bismuth shift their formidable torrent of tone into groove mode and churn out some unstoppable, flattening riffage.

Heavy Heart – The Way Home

Lockdown has seen me catching up virtually with some old Sussex pals from my school days, and Heavy Heart are a dream pop/shoegaze/indie band from London containing some of said friends. They released one song per month in 2016 and compiled them into an album in 2017, and the uplifting guitar that drives this track is just bliss to me. Self-plug: I actually play viola on the previous track…


Luke – Drums

Vola – Stray the Skies

GROOOOVE. Awesome groovy song with a great sing a long chorus. This song makes me feel like I’m floating in groove.

Polyphia – Amour

This song has come up a few times in my listenings, especially while I’ve been getting my government approved drum exercise! A really nice song to jam to.

Tesseract – Luminary

If I listen to this enough I might eventually pick up the drums so Nick and I can spend all our practices playing this and annoying everyone else!

Igorrr – Nervous Waltz

Yes I am putting Igorrr again. No, I don’t get out enough, but that’s just life at the moment and this is a great album 😀

Devin Townsend Project – Divine

Mainly because of seeing him play this for his virtual live shows raising money for for the keyworkers such as the NHS. Brilliant song, still epic when virtually live for such a good cause.


Tom – Guitar

Telepathy – Pariah

Absolute monster set of riffage from one of the best UK bands around.

Trap Them – Savage Climbers

Almost pedestrian in tempo compared to most of Trap Them’s output, but no less snarling and savage.

Cursed – Head of the Baptist

Never saw Cursed live sadly before they broke up, but an absolutely perfect back catalogue left in their wake.

Mamiffier – So That the Heart May Be Known

Beautifully layered slow burning piece with an almost folk edge in places.

Neurosis – The Last You’ll Know

The opening riff is just a sledgehammer of savagery.


Joe – Vocals

Her Name Is Calla – Pour More Oil

Probably one of the most emotive pieces of music I’ve ever heard, takes me back to an extremely sad time in my life but that’s partly why it resonates with me so much.

Deafheaven – Violet

A earlier track that is often overlooked, but a great sign of incredible things to come.

Allegaeon – Dyson Sphere

I’ve always been very particular about tech death, especially the squeaky clean style, but Allegaeon have some exceptionally well composed tracks, this being a favourite.

Anorexia Nervosa – Mother Anorexia

Criminally underrated symphonic black metal, tragically no longer active.

The Axis of Perdition – Entangled In Mannequin Limbs

Absolutely terrifying Silent Hill-style noise. The churning atmosphere, nightmarish landscape and the screams just conjur images of hell.


Monthly Playlist: April 2020

We went into the studio for a week and when we came out, the world went into lockdown. What a weird time to be alive. We hope you’re all keeping safe – here are some picks from us if you need more music to keep you sane.


Nick – Guitar

Dua Lipa – Cool

I wasn’t blown away by the first two singles at first, but both have since grown on me massively and the rest of the album as a whole is a radiant blend of modern pop, synthwave and disco. ‘Cool’ is a particular highlight for me, partly because it sounds like it came straight off of Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen. Anyone who knows me well will know how much of a compliment that is.

Myrkur – House Carpenter

I, for one, applaud this album for focussing on the folk side of Myrkur. In my opinion, Braun’s vocals and use of traditional instrumentation have always been the standout elements in her repertoire, so I’m very happy to have a full album dedicated to that. This is one of my favourite tracks from it.

Code Orange – Who I Am

Another one that I was somewhat apprehensive of on first listening but I was already convinced by the halfway mark. It’s clear to see why people are talking about CO like they’re the future of metal. Perhaps that evaluation oversteps the mark a little, but there’s no denying their importance and influence on the underground.

Intronaut – Speaking of Orbs

A splendid new album from Intronaut. These are a band that, for me, get unfairly overlooked and actually flew under my radar for quite a long time. This album is a mosaic of metal fusion that lands somewhere between Boss Keloid and Animals As Leaders, via Mastodon of course.

Demersal – Thoughtless

One of my favourites to come out this year by a band that are fairly unknown (over here at least). Raw and emotional post-hardcore with a similar aesthetic and delivery to our dudes in Still, who I also really like funny enough.


Tom – Guitar

The Red Chord – Upper Deck

I loved the Clients record many years ago (and still do) and this is a monster off it.

Sick Of It All – Step Down

Time off from work has given me chance to go back through stuff I’ve not listened to for a while including this absolute classic from NYC.

Joe Strummer – Redemption Song

Stripped back cover of the Bob Marley classic that became a fitting bookend to a career.

Old Man Gloom – In Your Name

New Gloom. Enough said.

65daysofstatic – Dance Parties (Distant)

Taken from the Dance Parties EP, made mainly of remixes of the track ‘Distant Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties’ off the Destruction of Small Ideas album. That track was my favourite off that album and this was a really good reimagining off the EP.


Luke – Drums

Igorrr – Camel Dancefloor

Off Igorrr’s latest output of electronic metal prog thing… This a fantastic combination of the aforementioned genres, with catchy licks and heavy electronic bass!

Lamb of God – Broken Hands

Been listening to a fair bit of Lamb of God again lately. This track has always been a favourite of mine.

Gojira – Born in Winter

It’s been my alarm for most of the month so I’ve heard the first 30 seconds or so quite a lot now! But amazing band, and this track is actually great for an alarm!

Wintersun – Sons of Winter and Stars

Amazing symphonic prog metal masterpiece. Incredible musicianship and writing all the way through. Jari is a God.

Igorrr – Very Noise

The main single off his latest release. Quite frankly this whole list could just be new Igorrr tracks… CHECK IT OUT.


Joe – Vocals

While Heaven Wept – The Drowning Years

Particularly sentimental track that got me through some tough times, hadn’t heard it in ages and it’s still as awesome as ever.

Imperium Dekadenz – When We Are Forgotten

Title track from their last album and a subtle masterclass in euphoric atmosphere.

Enslaved – Veilburner

It’s rare that I focus on drums, but the drumming in this absolute anthem is top draw. A real toe tapper.

Primordial – Bloodied Yet Unbowed

I’ve always found this track really boosts my spirit and makes me feel defiant. Exactly what’s needed right now.

Gwar – Meat Sandwich

Because we all need a laugh….


Richard – Bass

Esoteric – Caucus of Mind

It’s taken a while (and not just because their albums and songs are SO long), but I’m finally clicking with Esoteric, thans in large part to this album, The Maniacal Vale. There’s a lot more movement and changes than you might expect from funeral doom, not to mention buckets of sadness.

Kairon; IRSE! – Sinister Waters II

The psych rock offshoot of Oranssi Pazuzu have always been intriguing to me, and on their third album they dropped a lot of the shoegaze elements and went flagrantly prog rock – and I am here for it.

Gong – Fohat Digs Holes in Space

Continuing the psych thread, I stuck on Gong’s 1971 album ‘Camembert Electrique’ on a whim the other week and immediately loved it. As you’d expect, its pretty eccentric, but there’s a lot of soft groove in there too.

Public Service Broadcasting – Night Mail

Still a pretty unique voice in UK indie music, PSB bring some lush and almost Britpop guitar work to this track in homage of the postal service – seems fitting now more than ever. Have they ever written a song about the NHS?!

Led Zeppelin – The Crunge

I might sound like I’m trying to be cool by avoiding the classics here, but Houses of the Holy has been my favourite LZ record for a long time, just because of the amount of genre hopping they (successfully) attempted on it. Red Hot Chilli Peppers wish they could write grooves like this.

Monthly Playlist: March 2020

More tunes from us, this time with some sexy new photos and the identity of our drummer revealed. In case you hadn’t heard, he’s called Luke, and he is excellent. You might recognise him from Bleating Apocalypse, where you might also recognise Richard. Or you might not. Anyway, check out the tracks below and read our ramblings…


Nick – Guitar

Loathe – Is It Really You?

I think it’s almost guaranteed that these are going to end up massive in the same way Code Orange have blown up. I liked the first album but this new one has so much more personality. They’re still in that noisy hardcore vein but with a melodic textural side similar to peak Deftones.

Azealia Banks – Anna Wintour

One of the catchiest tracks she’s released, really strong vocals with great beats.

Leeched – Earth and Ash

Disgusting track from a disgusting album. The really gnarly production is great and adds a lot to an already great hardcore record.

Malevolence – Keep Your Distance

Another great track from Malev. Just when you think you’ve heard all the riffs you remember they exist and will consistently slap you with some more.

The Elijah – I Loved

An amazing band that is still sorely missed. Definitely a highlight of the late 00s melodic hardcore boom and one of the most emotionally intense bands I’ve ever heard.


Richard – Bass

Grimes – So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth

Miss Anthropocene is the first 2020 album I’ve heard this year and it does not disappoint. I’m very pleased that Grimes has gone back to making properly outsider music, and this track is a winning combo of spacey and melodic.

Sear Bliss – Forbidden Doors

Who knew that the trombone worked so well in black metal? Brilliantly produced heaviness that has vital cathiness in its blasting, alongside some atmospheric passages that are uniquely textured thanks to the brass.

Bring Me The Horizon – Nihilist Blues

IT’S DOUBLE GRIMES TIME. Amo is the first BMTH album I’ve actually given any time, and this year I’ve been absolutely smashing this track in my car. The production is brilliant, the marriage of pop and riffs infectious, and Grimes slots in weirdly perfectly.

Laster – Tot De Tocht Ons Verlicht

Holland’s Laster have an intriguing take on the lo-fi atmospheric black metal school of sounds, with some real instrumental experimentation. This track hits all the emotional spots whilst remaining progressive, incisive, and managing to include a choral/church organ break.

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

Continuing the black metal/pop alternation, I’ve had this song stuck in my head on and off for a full calendar month. It’s classic LDR: sumptuous melodies, top-tier pop production and dark lyrics. Hail the queen.


Joe – Vocals

Alcest – Voix Sereines

Beautiful track off the bands least popular album that really plied the Slowdrive influence. Always makes me smile.

Green Carnation – Pile of Doubt

Sumptuous rock song, brilliant vocals and a real toe tapper.

The Gathering – Kevin’s Telescope

One of the most criminally overlooked bands from the Netherlands that were doing what Within Temptation and Delain have done a decade earlier and better.

Drudkh – Wind of the Night Forest

Quite simply one of my favourite black metal tracks of all time.

Ruins of Beverast – Mount Sinai Moloch

Got to have a bit of darkness this month too. Nasty, dense and grim, just like your mum.


Luke – Drums

Humanity’s Last Breath – Like Flies

Starting off with what I’d consider one of the heaviest bands I listen to on a regular basis. This song has a grim grooves with sickeningly heavy guitars and hard-hitting drums. A lovely song for a horible day.

Dream Theater – Dance of Eternity

After finally seeing it live this month with the monster that is Mike Mangini behind the drums, I just have to put this on this month’s list. A classic instrumental prog track which has given me many hours of enjoyment trying to learn the drum parts.

Dirty Loops – Sexy Girls

When this jazz fusion group were announced as the headliners for 2020’s Radar Fest I had to check them out. I mainly just enjoy playing this song when giving lifts to work mates who are expecting me to belt out some incomprehensible metal!

Tesseract – Of Matter – Resist

I’ve mainly been listening to this lots because its been my alarm for the past few months. Great atmospheric intro (perfect for a light and breezy wake up) but builds into a classic Tesseract groove which you should all love. LOVE IT.

Strapping Young Lad – You Suck

I feel like I remember this just coming up on shuffle a lot lately, and it is just an incredible yet hectic song which hits super hard and super fast. Also just great fun to sing along to if you’re feeling miffed with people!


Tom – Guitar

Torche – Admission

I’ve always had a big love for this band. Floaty shoegaze guitar pop meets huge sludge riffs.

Smashing Pumpkins – Behold the Nightmare

The Adore album was a quiet, low-key oddity in the midst of the Pumpkins’ catalogue, and yet my favourite Pumpkins record.

Touché Amoré – Is Survived By

Heartfelt post-hardcore doesn’t get much better than this and it’s a great book end to the album that got me into this band.

Deafheaven – From the Kettle Onto the Coil

Dark and savage single post- the Sunbather album that set the tone for the New Bermuda album that followed.

The Mirimar Disaster – If Lockheeds Could Speak

Old tune from some good friends stacked with some monster riffs.

Monthly Playlist: February 2020

New year, same monthly playlist post… New drummer. As usual, we’ve all picked 5 tracks – including our new drummer, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Guesses on a postcard please.

Mirror attempt 1 bw

Nick – Guitar

Under – Traitor’s Gate

You can file this one under ‘simple riffs that slap so hard that you really wish you’d written’. There is also plenty of the sort of off kilter affair you’d expect from Under. Looking forward to whatever weird-as-shit metal they release next.

Max Cooper – Perpetual Motion

I have Richard to thank for this one. Only started listening to Max on his recommendation but I’m glad I did. Minimalist techno that is nonetheless vividly illustrative and euphoric. To draw his music would be to draw a massively intricate landscape.

Michelle Branch – Everywhere

Classic early 2000s pop-rock anthem. Unfortunately Michelle is no longer a household name it seems but The Spirit Room nonetheless is still an absolutely stellar album. They don’t write pop songs like this anymore.

Frigoris – Aurora Stirbt

A potential early contender for album of the year. Beautiful German post-black metal with an anti-NSBM stance. What is there not to love?

Allie X – Science

I’m picking the stripped back ‘analog’ version she released last year purely for the ridiculous pitch her voice reaches towards the end. Regardless listen to the original too. The phattest sounding dark synth pop with astounding production.

Mirror attempt 2 bw

Tom – Guitar

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Sleep

And we used to sleep on the beach here, sleep overnight.
They don’t do that anymore.
Things changed…
You see
They don’t sleep anymore on the beach

Jesu – Christmas

Waves of electronics and guitars crash over eachother in ways that are instantly recognisable as Broaderick’s work. A twisted combination of industrial and shoegaze.

65daysofstatic – Safe Passage

The synth swells and blooms are glorious. Emotive and uplifting that always makes the hairs standup on my arms.

Nails – You Will Never Be One of Us

Just absolute savagery commited to tape. A gloriously nihilistic way to open an album and a statement of intent.

Neurosis – Stones From the Sky

Bleak, hypnotic, no frills simplicity. Neurosis at their absolute crushing best.

Mirror attempt 4 bw

Joe – Vocals

Les Discrets – Le Mouvement Perpetuel

Pleasant yet haunting post black metal from Alcest’s bezzie mates. Actually quite soothing.

Fen – The Gibbet Elms

One if the UK’s finest atmospheric black metal bands. Oozes malevolence.

Drakonis – Let Us Pray

Northern Irish black metallers who have a full length album on the way. Traditional and catchy.

Monstrosity – Remnants of Divination

Best known for being the training ground for musicians to join bigger death metal bands. But this track is a tech-death banger.

Slipknot – Eyeless

Classic track that was a highlight when I recently saw them live for the fourth time. YOU CAN’T SEE CALIFORNIA WITHOUT MARLON BRANDOS EYES!!!

Mirror attempt 3 bw

Richard – Bass

Ashbringer – Solace

This album, Yūgen, made a bit of an underground splash when it came out a few years ago. Brilliant atmospheric black metal, with some powerful harmonies and masterful acoustic passages. It’s a bit like Wolves in the Throne Room meets Mike Oldfield.

Jesu – Silver

As is often the case, I’m very slowly filling gaps in my knowledge with artists I definitely should be more familiar with… After just one listen, the title track on this EP has shot up to amongst my very favourite Jesu tracks. Heartwrenching, reverberating, heavy and so distinctive.

Steve Hauschildt – The World is Too Much with Us

I recently came across this Berlin-School-influenced electronic artist via a BandCamp reccomendation email, and then found out he’s playing in Sheffield next month – double winner. His work is like a blend of simplistic synth-based soundscapes with Jon Hopkins-like hooks and sound, and this one is just great and textured ambience.

E-L-R – Above the Mountains There is Light

Though they didn’t make it into my albums of 2019 list, seeing them live in December with Hundred Year Old Man (twice, including playing with them once) has kept E-L-R in my mind. This track – featuring Colin from Amenra – is the pinnacle of the album for me, reaching some brilliant, chordy heights.

Thy Catafalque – Vashegyek

This is a band I’m really only just properly investing time into, having had them on my radar for a long time. There’s some truly nasty, deathly sludge riffs on display here, alongside influence from Hungarian folk and electronica, and you could also argue there’s some of the SOAD brand of melody in there too. Can’t wait to get stuck into more of their albums.

Image result for anonymous person

??? – Drums

Twilight Force – Hydra

Soooo, I like cheesy power metal and have a big ole soft spot for orchestral elements in metal. This is an absolute belter off Twilight Force’s latest album, which is sure to lighten up any day!

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Monnalisa

Following on the orchestral theme, Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Monnalisa comes in from the heavier end still with a fantastic combination of musicality, epicness, and looming ominous tones.

Arch Echo – MukDuk

This instrumental prog/mathsy band bring the grooooooovvvveeeeeee to extreme proportions. Great fun talented band with amazing energy.

Devin Townsend – Borderlands

It’s Devin… Need I say more? I see this as a brilliant example of all the stuff that makes Devin Devin. It’s got heavy, silliness, proggy stuff, a crying child… IT’S GOOD.

VOLA – Whaler

VOLA were my most recent love at first sight band, and this song off their latest album is a beautiful comination of heavy and with the beautiful loveliness which makes VOLA one of my favourite bands.

Albums of the Year 2019

Last year was a big one for music, sounds and noises. Below you’ll find Nick, Richard, Tom and Joe’s picks of the bunch, after hours and hours of pain in stripping the lists down to a measly 5. We’ve also got one track on from each release in a handy little Spotify playlist…

Mirror attempt 1 bw

Nick – Guitar

This was a very strong year and putting this list together was very difficult (isn’t it always?). I only undertook the voyage into 2019’s back catalogue in mid-November, so I’m pleased I managed to squeeze around 140 in before the year was out. Several honourable mentions this year including Alcest, Cult of Luna, Cranial, Violet Cold, Mizmor, Ultar, Oh Sees, The Grey, Skepta, Seizures, Rorcal, Anderson Paak, Billie Eilish, Boris, Charli XCX, Hannah Diamond, Herod, Hobo Johnson and the list goes on and on. Here’s the five I wanted to mention in particular.

5. Norma Jean – All Hail

Image result for norma jean all hail

A slightly tongue in cheek album title perhaps? Regardless of intention, it’s an apt name for a now legendary metalcore band showing us how it’s done.

4. James Blake – Assume Form

Image result for assume form

A typically strong outing from the James the Blake with consistently compelling features. Considerably more pastel coloured than his previous releases (he’s not miserable as fuck anymore) and with that it’s one of the most interesting alt-pop records of recent years.

3. Sūrya – Solastalgia

Image result for surya solastalgia

This one took pole in my very tight post-metal round-up. Cult of Luna, Alcest and Cranial all came close but none of them drew my undivided attention quite like this. Essential listening for any fan of the aforementioned bands and the wider post-metal world.

2. 65daysofstatic – replicr, 2019

Image result for 65daysofstatic replicr 2019

A bleak Orwellian nightmare is the perfect soundtrack for the future, now that we live in a bleak Orwellian nightmare under the fat blonde goblin.

1. Lankum – The Livelong Day

Image result for lankum the livelong day

Incredible follow up to their similarly incredible second album. It’s difficult for me to describe this album, as I make no claim to being a connoisseur of Irish folk. What I can say is that there is a brooding intensity to this album, a grim foreboding the likes of which you might otherwise hear on a Sunn O))) album. In a pinch I’d say this is my album of the year.

Mirror attempt 3 bw

Richard – Bass

I’m notoriously useless at keeping up with new music, and spend far more of my time digging into old things I’ve missed over the years, but this list was a fun excercise in trying to catch up. Although it’s nothing on Nick’s total, I managed 30 albums from 2019, which is loads for me. About 15-20 of them could have made the top 5, but ones that came especially close were Cult of Luna, HANA, Max Cooper, N/UM, New Ghost, Earth & Pillars, A-Sun Amissa, Mic Reckless and White Ward.

5. Earth Moves – Human Intricacy

Image result for human intricacy

Ever since I first saw them in 2017, Earth Moves have been one of my favourite UK heavy bands, and their second album near enough manages the seemingly impossible task of matching the quality of their first. No one else dares to get so rawly emotional and dynamic with post metal, and if anything there’s more variety and power this time around.

4. Archivist – Triumvirate

Image result for archivist triumvirate

A massive step up from the second record which was a bit of a mis-step in my opinion, Archivist have returned to doing post-black metal better than almost anyone else. Two vocalists (with both clean and harsh vocals), lush chord progressions and, crucially, plenty of straight-up battery, all topped off with frontman Alex CF’s brilliant artwork. In truth, you need to check out the full trilogy.

3. FKA Twigs – Magdalene

Image result for fka twigs magdalene cover

It took me ages to get around to this one after both Nick and my girlfriend told me for months that I’d love it – they weren’t wrong. This is pop music twisted into bizarre shapes, retaining the hooks and beats that keep you plugged in. It’s one of those records that reveals more every time. Highly recommended.

2. Lingua Ignota – Caligula

Image result for lingua ignota caligula

Speaking of twisting things into painful shapes, Lingua Ignota’s voice is just something else. There’s a lot more to digest here than on her first outing, but once you put in the time, it’s incredibly powerful. Classical meets noise meets drone meets metal meets liturgical music meets abject pain meets fear of god meets brutal revenge on all those who have wronged you. See her live, you won’t be the same afterwards.

1. Dizraeli – The Unmaster

Image result for dizraeli the unmaster

Continuing to prove himself a totally unique voice in UK hip-hop (/folk/experimental/spoken word/something/everything), this one caught me totally by surprise with how much I loved it. It’s so eclectic, personal and powerful, whilst also being full of danceable bangers. Dizraeli’s own flow is only getting stronger with time, and it sits at the centre of a wild symphony of electronic and acoustic instruments, plus some totally out there vocal performances.

Mirror attempt 2 bw

Tom – Guitar

There were many that could have been on this list and a few that were very close, including Cave In… As much as I love ‘Final Transmission’, you can’t help the feeling that it could have been so much more if it wasn’t for the sad passing of Caleb. Russian Circles, Torche, Iggy Pop and A-Sun Amissa were all standouts and in that order would round out a top 10, but these are the 5 that really grabbed me this time round.

5. Boris – LφVE & EVφL

Image result for boris love and evol

Walls of fuzz and noise collide with a surprising dash of calm and quiet. What’s not to love.

4. Cult of Luna – A Dawn to Fear

Image result for a dawn to fear

Monolithic riffs combine with atmospheric passages in ways nobody else can manage.

3. Mono – Nowhere Now Here

Image result for nowhere here now

A masterpiece of soundscape, texture and expression, with a depth lost on so many other bands of their ilk over the years. Spanning fragile to bombastic walls of sound effortlessly.

2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Ghosteen

Image result for nick cave ghosteen

Stripped bare compared to early Bad Seeds material and continuing on from the last couple of releases this is as beautiful as it is dark and haunted by loss. Was my album of the year for a long time until…

1 . 65daysofstatic – Replicr, 2019

Image result for 65daysofstatic replicr 2019

I don’t really know how to describe this record. Each and every time it gives up a bit more from the vast soundscapes within that feel more like one vast piece than individual tracks. Just stunning.

Mirror attempt 4 bw

Joe – Vocals

I’ve been a bit out of the loop on newer music this year; most of what I’ve heard has been random bits of obscure black metal performed in deep, dark Siberian woodland, recorded onto a potato by hedgehogs that probably have unconfirmed but potentially troubling political ideaologies…. So instead of trawling through reems of spikey logo’d bands that sound like dense atmospheres within a tub of particularly evil marmalade, I’ve picked out the stuff that others may have actually heard of. Honourable mentions go to Mayhem’s album ‘Daemon’ for being better than expected and Slipknot’s ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ for it’s grade D at GCSE graphics artwork and, despite being aggravatingly underwhelming, still supplying me with an adequate coaster for my mug of fancy pants coffee.

5. Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas
Image result for cattle decapitation death atlas

The best album since the game changing Monolith of Inhumanity. Further experimentation, diversity and even a sense of emotion rarely experienced in tech death.

4. Mgla – Age of Excuse
Image result for age of excuse

Released to almost zero fanfare this album just turned up one day. A powerful follow up the the masterpiece that was “Exercises in Futility”.

3. Veldes – Flameless
Image result for veldes flameless

More spectacular atmosphere from Slovenias workhorse black metallers.

2. Blut Aus Nord – Hallucinogen
Image result for blut aus nord hallucinogen

Coming somewhat out of left field this album is a mind bending experience that demonstrates Blut Aus Nords progression along with their spacey cosmic trademark.

1. Grima – Will of the Primordial

Image result for grima will of the primordial

Extremely cold atmospheric black metal that truly resonates a sense of eternal winter.