Monthly Playlist: May 2021

As we inch slowly closer to getting back together in person and therefore being able to talk about things other than what we’ve been listening to whilst stuck in our houses, here we have another playlist of things we’ve been listening to whilst stuck in our houses, along with our thoughts on them. Enjoy.


Richard – Bass

Marc Rebillet – One More Time

Loop Daddy, aka Marc Rebillet, has been an obsession of mine this month – check him out on YouTube if you’re unfamiliar. All his songs are done in one take with a keyboard, a mic and a loop station, and he has a virtually illegal amount of funk. He also looks like a mixture of Anthony Fantano and Nick, and does fully improvised music livestreams wearing just his pants. So there’s that.

Bliss Signal – Floodlight

James Kelly from much-missed post-black metal legends Altar of Plagues teamed up with grime/techno producer Mumdance for this collaboration in 2018, and it’s a wonderful collision of distant, hazy blackgaze with an ambient and electronic soundscapes not quite like any other.

Cocteau Twins – Pitch the Baby

There’s something beautifully unnerving about Elizabeth Fraser’s ‘lyrics’ that are essentially gibberish, but that form partially recognisable words every now and then. It’s a weird trick that only serves to amplify the otherworldliness of these influential dream pop visionaries.

Shabazz Palaces – Are You… Can You… Were You? (Felt)

In all the recent adoration for the likes of clipping., I’d all but forgotten about the debut Shabazz Palaces record, an album I copied from a friend years before experimental hip-hop was something I’d even begun to comprehend. Returning to it and remembering all of it’s fragmented, dark and strange stylings this month has been a joy, and I intend to make it my mission to remind everyone that it exists alongside Death Grips et al.

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

One of the more Radiohead-y cuts from Yorke’s first solo album, but still imbued with a slightly more unsettled electronic edge than his main band ever quite manage. Understandably a marmite artist, I’m finding myself pulled more and more into his solo career.


Nick – Guitar

Glitterer – Try Harder Still

Honestly I was drawn to this little album based on its cover alone because it’s gawjuss. A quick google search and I found out that it’s one of the dudes from Title Fight, a band I have never listened to but am vaguely aware of. Anyway it’s a really great fuzzy grungy psychy poppy thingy and I will probably listen to TF at some point as a result of this.

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Movement 1

Possibly my album of the year so far, or one of at the very least. All three contributors are on absolutely stellar form and it’s such a multi-faceted album that perfectly weights sax-led ambient with orchestral splendour. A perfect way to unwind in the evening after a stressful day.

Wode – Serpent’s Coil

Wode are a UKBM band that seem to be everywhere at the moment yet I’d never listened to them. Seeing as this new album has some great artwork and was produced by none other than Joe Clayton of Pijn cough who also produced our album cough, I thought now was as good a time to try them out as any. And guess what, it’s great.

Purity Ring – Better Off Alone

My girlfriend keeps playing the video of a hamster dancing with a water bottle to the original track by Alice Deejay, and so I was reminded of Purity Ring’s refreshed version from last year which is a vibe.

Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals

A real blast from the past this one. I haven’t listened to Alexisonfire for a few years but was brought back to it after casually being reminded of City and Colour, the solo project of vocalist guitarist, Dallas Green. A half hour later and I’m up to my eyeballs in some of the best post-hardcore to ever get released. This track was a highlight for me.


Luke – Drums

Nightwish – Dark Chest of Wonder

The first track off the Once album. What a fantastic way to kick off an album. Heavy riffs, catchy riffs, epic orchestration, solid backbeats, sing-along chanty bits, there’s just so much energy!

Turisas – Midnight Sunrise

Probably one of Turisas’ faster songs, making it a slightly more perilous jig around a drinks-laden tavern table on the dawn of battle. But oh boy is it fun.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Betrayal

What happens when Fleshgod try to write a ballad? Well it still ends up heavier and faster than most ballads but the orchestrations are lovely.

Gojira – New Found

Gojira released a new album and I am on it! I haven’t decided on favourite tracks from the album yet but this hits hard. I want to mosh to this in a field with all of you ❤

Owane – Born In Space

It Grooves! A nice chill, slow start, suddenly develops into jazzy, syncopated madness. It’s great, and oh so musical.

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