Monthly Playlist: August 2020

You know the deal. Five tracks each and some words about why we like them, every month forever and ever. Enjoy. Or don’t.


Joe – Vocals

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – A New Order

Most recent album is an absolute monster from start to finish. Riffs galore.

Argesk – Lord of the Boundless Void

Manchester black metal with a terrific symphonic vibe. There is a melancholic feel to this track that resonates with me.

The Angels of Light – The Man We Left Behind

The lyrics to this song click with me a lot personally. Laid back, beautiful and heartfelt.

Janet Devlin – Away With The Fairies

I discovered this Northern Irish pop singer through her YouTube video about her alcoholism. Checked out her stuff and find this to be a charmingly pleasant pop song.

Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother

Probably one of the saddest but most uplifting songs I’ve heard about a friends suicide.


Nick – Guitar

Cabal – Tongues

This is what the unending hordes of hellspawn play when they are doing the laundry after their daily pillage of earth. Probably.

Fawn Limbs – Ore Lung

A feral coming together of disgusting riffs and long division. All aboard the bendy-bus of rage, this service terminates suddenly and violently.

Textures – Shaping a Single Grain of Sand


Glass Ocean – Light of the Moon

A glass ocean is actually what they sound like, but his voice is a massive ship made of treacle and there are no fish, only sex toys, made of crystals or something.

Jimothy Lacoste – Future Bae

Life is, indeed, getting quite exciting.


Richard – Bass

Wren – Murmur

I’ve been long overdue diving into the Wren catalogue, and the new record from our pals at Gizeh Records is suitably crushing. This track has a real Cult of Luna vibe. Hopefully one day we can play with these guys again as we did at our last gig before the world ended.

Hum – Step Into You

These guys are totally new to me with their 2020 album Inlet, but apparently they’re actually a band from the 90s making a comeback. Ever wondered what it would sound like if Sheffield’s Awooga starting playing mid-career Devin Townsend riffs with a 90s alt-rock singer? Now you don’t need to.

Kelly Lee Owens – On

Completing an uncharacteristic trio of songs that actually came out this year, here’s one of several artists I was planning to see recently before doing things became illegal. Not many artists mix dreamy pop with fully pumping techno, and although this track leans more towards the former territory, you get a real sense of Kelly‘s immense talent.

Alice in Chains – Rooster

Every so often I feel it’s necessary to dive back into the AIC classics and remind myself what a powerful force they were – impressive that they’re still so good now, too. Riffs galore, certainly, but those Staley/Cantrell vocal harmonies are what make this band.

Twilight – Red Fields

Massive black metal featuring Aaron Turner plus members of Leviathan, Nachmystium and Xasthur (a later album also included Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth???). Blistering yet atmospheric, and chock full of post metal textures and some electronic overtones. Hench.


Luke – Drums

Benny Grebb – Tricky

Wanna make djent? Only got drums and a mouth? Well this guy can do it!

Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation

This beautiful band took the virtual stage last weekend with a wonderful performance. The energy was as “live” as I could’ve hoped and hence their opening song is on the list!

Gojira – Another World

They made a new track and video and it is, well, Gojira! Their distinct groovy metal sound persistently pleases my ears

Work – The Endless Sounds of the Abyss

Not a band or a track… Just the endless sounds of work which this week has a guest vocalist of some guy giving online training. I do need more music.

Benny Grebb – Mixed Greens

…yeah I acquired this album this month so it gets 2 tracks! Again just drums and acapella but boy oh boy it grooves!

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