Monthly Playlist: July 2020

You guessed it – it’s a new playlist, with us waffling on about the five songs we’ve each picked this month. One of the few excitements we have in this strange new world. All the extra time to listen to things makes it even harder than ever to narrow it down to just 5 tracks, so we hope you appreciate the effort we go to for this hugely important art…


Joe – Vocals

Anathema – Everything

One of the most gorgeous songs ever written, pure positivity with a touch of melancholy.

Altar of Plagues – As A Womb

There are few things more invigorating than listening to this track while walking through the countryside in the rain.

Foetal Juice – Take Your Face For A Shit

The new album from the Foetal boys is a stomper. Like getting punched in the dick by a toilet goblin.

Mushroomhead – The Heresy

I can’t get this track out of my head. They’ll never be as good as they were on XX, but this is fun pop metal guff.

Wilson Phillips – Hold On

I was trying to remember the name of this group for ages. Cringe from 1990, I’m on a childhood pop bringe 😂



Nick – Guitar

Decapitated – The Knife

Uncompromising stuff. I wish my whole body was as ripped as their forearms must be.

Loathe – Aggressive Evolution

Aggressive indeed. A haemorrhage of gnarly bottom end alongside sultry Deftones-esque atmosphere. Still my pick for album of the year so far, though there is some stiff competition in the form of…

Run The Jewels – Walking in the Snow

Sobering commentary on the current political climate. Without doubt one of the most relevant albums of our time.

The Chameleons – Don’t Fall

Found this band through an interview with Neige of Alcest in which he waxed lyrical about this Manchester band I’d never heard of. One of the lesser known post-punk bands of the 80s and it’s fair to say they deserved a great deal more success than they actually achieved.

Bad Lip Reading – Bushes of Love

A quality pop song. Was overjoyed to discover this was available on Spotify. ‘Seagulls! (Stop It Now)’ is another classic. Watch the videos on YouTube to understand why the lyrics are absolute nonsense.



Richard – Bass

Asva – A Bomb in That Suitcase

I’ve had a pretty ambient and drone-focused month, particularly whilst enjoying working from my attic during rainstorms. One highlight was rediscovering Asva, one of many Toby Driver-associated projects. This track is a journey from pure ambience into a majestic, mid-paced droney bassline.

Shining (NOR) – Blackjazz Deathtrance

As if to completely counteract what I just said, I also saw the best of many livestreamed gigs I’ve seen during lockdown recently, namely from these Norwegian industrial/jazz/prog/metal mentalists. This track tipifies their ludicrous chops in their Blackjazz period, and is just a mindfuck of epic proportions. Shame they went shit, really.

Björk – Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)

Björk had a little lockdown vinyl sale a few weeks ago and I picked up a few of my favourite records of hers, including the bizarre and almost entirely vocal album Medúlla. This track marries her unique melodies with some throat singing and amazing beatboxing from Rahzel, and it rules.

Entheos – White Noise (II)

Stumbled across these guys during another lockdown livestream – this time the ‘Slay at Home’ metal festival. Polished and manic technical/progressive death metal with members and ex-members of The Faceless and Animals as Leaders. A punch straight to the brain.

Sunn O))) – My Wall

Play your gloom axe Stephen O’Malley
Sub bass clinging to the sides of the valley
Sub bass ringing in each last ditch and combe
Greg Anderson purvey a sonic doom



Tom – Guitar

Mogwai – Auto Rock

It’s mogwai, and another album opener built around a light piano melody. This one, like ‘I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead’ off the follow-up The Hawk is Howling, is a perfect building swirl to drift away to.

The Atlas Moth – Coffin Varnish

This is one of those re-discovered gems I forgot was in my record collection. The squall of the guitars and overall sound have a cold feel that draws you in.

A.A. Williams – Be Quiet and Drive

Beautifully arranged and stripped down cover of the Deftones classic and a beautiful voice to boot.

Converge – Thousands of Miles Between Us

A more sedate but haunting cut from a band famed for being way more frantic, that slithers and winds its way through rises and falls to it’s conclusion.

Thou – Dive

An album made of Nirvana covers that is just utter filth, but works amazingly.



Luke – Drums

Nick Johnston – Impossible Things

A nice bit of calm, instrumental groove. Lovely.

Dream Theater – Untethered Angel

A nice bit of heavy metal prog.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Day We’ll be Gone

Considering the way things are at the moment, the day could be soon! But this is a beautiful smphonic, orchestral metal song. Noice.

Deep Purple – Black Night

It always annoyed me how people know Smoke on the bloody Water, but I have no idea about their other, better tracks! A nice bit of bluesy rock though.

Scar Symmetry – Artificial Sun Projection

Fucking bang your head and whip the air guitar out. Grand!

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