Monthly Playlist: March 2020

More tunes from us, this time with some sexy new photos and the identity of our drummer revealed. In case you hadn’t heard, he’s called Luke, and he is excellent. You might recognise him from Bleating Apocalypse, where you might also recognise Richard. Or you might not. Anyway, check out the tracks below and read our ramblings…


Nick – Guitar

Loathe – Is It Really You?

I think it’s almost guaranteed that these are going to end up massive in the same way Code Orange have blown up. I liked the first album but this new one has so much more personality. They’re still in that noisy hardcore vein but with a melodic textural side similar to peak Deftones.

Azealia Banks – Anna Wintour

One of the catchiest tracks she’s released, really strong vocals with great beats.

Leeched – Earth and Ash

Disgusting track from a disgusting album. The really gnarly production is great and adds a lot to an already great hardcore record.

Malevolence – Keep Your Distance

Another great track from Malev. Just when you think you’ve heard all the riffs you remember they exist and will consistently slap you with some more.

The Elijah – I Loved

An amazing band that is still sorely missed. Definitely a highlight of the late 00s melodic hardcore boom and one of the most emotionally intense bands I’ve ever heard.


Richard – Bass

Grimes – So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth

Miss Anthropocene is the first 2020 album I’ve heard this year and it does not disappoint. I’m very pleased that Grimes has gone back to making properly outsider music, and this track is a winning combo of spacey and melodic.

Sear Bliss – Forbidden Doors

Who knew that the trombone worked so well in black metal? Brilliantly produced heaviness that has vital cathiness in its blasting, alongside some atmospheric passages that are uniquely textured thanks to the brass.

Bring Me The Horizon – Nihilist Blues

IT’S DOUBLE GRIMES TIME. Amo is the first BMTH album I’ve actually given any time, and this year I’ve been absolutely smashing this track in my car. The production is brilliant, the marriage of pop and riffs infectious, and Grimes slots in weirdly perfectly.

Laster – Tot De Tocht Ons Verlicht

Holland’s Laster have an intriguing take on the lo-fi atmospheric black metal school of sounds, with some real instrumental experimentation. This track hits all the emotional spots whilst remaining progressive, incisive, and managing to include a choral/church organ break.

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

Continuing the black metal/pop alternation, I’ve had this song stuck in my head on and off for a full calendar month. It’s classic LDR: sumptuous melodies, top-tier pop production and dark lyrics. Hail the queen.


Joe – Vocals

Alcest – Voix Sereines

Beautiful track off the bands least popular album that really plied the Slowdrive influence. Always makes me smile.

Green Carnation – Pile of Doubt

Sumptuous rock song, brilliant vocals and a real toe tapper.

The Gathering – Kevin’s Telescope

One of the most criminally overlooked bands from the Netherlands that were doing what Within Temptation and Delain have done a decade earlier and better.

Drudkh – Wind of the Night Forest

Quite simply one of my favourite black metal tracks of all time.

Ruins of Beverast – Mount Sinai Moloch

Got to have a bit of darkness this month too. Nasty, dense and grim, just like your mum.


Luke – Drums

Humanity’s Last Breath – Like Flies

Starting off with what I’d consider one of the heaviest bands I listen to on a regular basis. This song has a grim grooves with sickeningly heavy guitars and hard-hitting drums. A lovely song for a horible day.

Dream Theater – Dance of Eternity

After finally seeing it live this month with the monster that is Mike Mangini behind the drums, I just have to put this on this month’s list. A classic instrumental prog track which has given me many hours of enjoyment trying to learn the drum parts.

Dirty Loops – Sexy Girls

When this jazz fusion group were announced as the headliners for 2020’s Radar Fest I had to check them out. I mainly just enjoy playing this song when giving lifts to work mates who are expecting me to belt out some incomprehensible metal!

Tesseract – Of Matter – Resist

I’ve mainly been listening to this lots because its been my alarm for the past few months. Great atmospheric intro (perfect for a light and breezy wake up) but builds into a classic Tesseract groove which you should all love. LOVE IT.

Strapping Young Lad – You Suck

I feel like I remember this just coming up on shuffle a lot lately, and it is just an incredible yet hectic song which hits super hard and super fast. Also just great fun to sing along to if you’re feeling miffed with people!


Tom – Guitar

Torche – Admission

I’ve always had a big love for this band. Floaty shoegaze guitar pop meets huge sludge riffs.

Smashing Pumpkins – Behold the Nightmare

The Adore album was a quiet, low-key oddity in the midst of the Pumpkins’ catalogue, and yet my favourite Pumpkins record.

Touché Amoré – Is Survived By

Heartfelt post-hardcore doesn’t get much better than this and it’s a great book end to the album that got me into this band.

Deafheaven – From the Kettle Onto the Coil

Dark and savage single post- the Sunbather album that set the tone for the New Bermuda album that followed.

The Mirimar Disaster – If Lockheeds Could Speak

Old tune from some good friends stacked with some monster riffs.

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